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the card for T’s birthday. because he’s always trying to make friends with kookaburras. and trying to make them laugh.



flohmarkt fund.

fleamarket find.

a month or so ago, i was scouring one of the many berliner flea markets for some camping stuff with a friend, for the festival weekend just passed (which was pretty damn good, by the way – massive attack, goldfrapp, jonsi, two door cinema club, blood red shoes, get well soon, friendly fires, bonaparte, modeselektor, miike snow)… so after picking up a tent, we came across a stall which was basically a clean-out of somebody’s oma’s house. i was greeted by a table piled with hand-made crocheted doilies! yay! i had been keeping my eye out for such a stall for ages, so spent a good half hour picking the best ones. this is one of them.

and then, after gathering some dust in my room… the cut it finally inspired.


summer is sizzling. i know i spent winter wanting for summer, but this is just intense.

have been super-mega busy with work lately (thankfully, it’s over now)… but still managed to catch moments like this amongst the rush….

berlin sunset over the river spree.

ein jahr in Berlin.

today is my one year anniversary in Berlin. JUHU!

considering i only planned to stay here for 5 months, 1 year is quite a feat.

anyway. this evening, i will be rewarded for this achievement with a special present coming on a plane from paris. YAY!

endlich…. sommer!

finally! summer!

yes, it’s been rather quiet on the blog front the past few weeks. i can say happily, that summer is finally here in Berlin! JUHU! warm (even hot!) summer days and balmy evenings spent outside…  enjoying some things that i have missed so much over that looooong winter …. the parks, canals, un-naked trees with leaves on and sitting under them, blue sky, cycling, picnics, swimming at the lakes and last but not least… the sunshiiiiiiiine!


heart print on paper lolly bags.

croissants pour petit dejeuner.

parisian balconies.

bubbles of perfume at the grand palais.

bicycles. vélos.

sitting on grass patches in the jardin des tuileries.

consumption of chocolat by the seine.

ice-cream. glace.

blue sky. ciel bleu.

sunshine. soleil.

exhibitions. takeshi kitano, impossible probabilities and dinosaur arms. palais de tokyo and cardboard constructions. YSL, his wall of le smoking, folders of colours and videos of sketching.

sia @ l’olympia. amazing.

t. even more amazing.

and then coming home to parcels from oz. yay!

(note: random french words inserted to prove that i know random french words. ha.)

einzelfahrausweis. manchmal.

see mr.controller.
i do buy tickets. manchmal. sometimes.
and i can understand ‘Please validate your ticket’ in english. manchmal. sometimes.