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collection d’éphémère.

collection of fleeting.

fleeting moments. fleeting records of those fleeting moments.

when we are on the road, i swing like a pendulum between wanting to capture moments on camera to keep hold of; and then leaving the camera in my bag to experience those moments wholly to keep in memory only. on this last big trip though, we wanted by the end of the 4 months to have a good little collection of tangible moments of the journey. though we still sometimes forgot to pull out the fujifilm instax, we managed a good bundle of pics. because of the uncertain nature of instant film (there isn’t really any known lifespan of an instant photo), we wanted to keep them safe, but close to hand to revive fond memories of the trip.

inspired by accordion photo albums, i made this little pocket-sized number. going with a natural, minimal theme, i used brown kraft board, veg tan leather and balsa wood for the cover. since the balsa was so soft, i managed to sew the leather strip to the back cover to keep it in place. a collar stud and hole in the leather strip to keep the accordion folds closed… et voila… a super-easy mini-album.



d’où êtes-vous?

where are you from?

thinking about my own story and of those of the people around me, i consider that we are all a little bit from everywhere. thinking about the journeys of our ancestors, our parents, and of course those journeys of our own. one day when T and i will have minis, it will be important for them to know and understand that they inherit parts of our combined stories, and will have roots in many places.

this idea gave me the inspiration to make a few personalised ori-globes as gifts for a few “new-parent” friends and their minis.

a simplified version of this project from 2011, i used copies of maps and selected areas of sentimental significance which i knew of my friends’ lives. such areas included where mama’s family came from, where papa was born, where mama and papa met, holidayed, married went on their honey moon and so on.


i like to imagine that one day, my friends will be able to point out the special places on the ori-globe and tell stories to their kids.

if you want to try this, it’s definitely worth making up a little template. using scrap paper, fold a few modules, enough so that a single module is fully connected. mark on that fully connected module what is visible when fully connected. remove the additional modules, undo the folds and cut away the areas you marked as visible. you can lay this on top of whatever you want to use to see what will be visible on your ori-globe. you’ll save yourself folding however many modules to realise that your significant bit of map, letter, photo, pic or quote is concealed under the fold of another module!

sur la route.

On the road.

From the last post earlier this year, we’ve passed through the months traveling to places far, far away, and now here I am, back in the seat of my desk at home.

Our journey was awesome and inspiring – a long time dream come true. I can’t even begin to tell you… so for now, this is just a little taste in insta format. Once we get through the bazillion photos, there’ll be more to see and stories to read.


I’ve got catch up posting to do with some projects I worked on pre-trip. I’m a sucker for chronological order…


wonder. i quite like this word in french. i actually learnt it off the french movie posters for tim burton’s alice in wonderland. anyway, not what i mean to write about.

i’m reading this amazing book called i wonder by Marian Bantjes… it’s a small collection of her essays/observations on design and typography. amazing because it’s beautiful to look at and really interesting to read. there’s a couple of lines in the opening essay i wanted to share…

to take for granted is the death of wonder. when we take people, our environment and our lives for granted, our weariness and illusion of knowledge allows us to destroy the things our ancestors held so much in awe.
curiosity, that once impious act that dares to question what was given, is the key to the fantastic.

Marian Bantjes

a few years ago i wrote a little thing on geometry and it’s symbolism and use in islamic art. Marian touches on this in her discussion and illustration, inspiring this little cut here.

and after attending a talk on geometry for national science week, i’ve also decided that i NEED to go Alhambra… apparently a huge inspiration to MC Escher and his work. eeep!

les tissus africains.

not african tissues, but african fabric. (previously a point of confusion for me).

in the last few years, i’ve developed an even bigger appreciation for fabrics made with traditional techniques – whether it’s hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered… and so on. the last few big trips – turkey and india, i’ve made a big deal about picking nice fabrics, the right colours and designs to bring home to keep on hand for the right project.

i love love love the bold patterns and colours of african batik, so when it was decided we were going to paris, i knew i had to stop in at the african district of château-rouge to pick up some yardage. true, it would’ve been better to go straight to the source, picking up fabric in africa, but that trip is still some time away.

so far, i’ve only made some cushion covers and some little pouches trimmed with leather to mail out to some friends. i think i might want to also make a tote and/or a skirt… good thing they come in 6 yard lots!