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la foire.

the fair.

for a wedding in the countryside recalling the fun and light-heartedness of a local fair. less the freak show, but including all the other good stuff – fairy floss, popcorn and the ice-cream truck!


how good is a hole punch for making confetti?! confetti, or fairy lights?


and the story with the little creatures at the bottom… the newly-wedded-couple have 2 fur babies – two lovably naughty staffies whose misadventures often make for tales told at the office lunch table. congrats Jess and Tristos!


avoir la patate.

to have the potato.

meaning: to be in top form.

another crazy-food-themed birthday celebration following last year’s giant schnitzels.

a potato salad-off.

all friends were asked to make their best potato salad for the birthday man to sample. first, the card.


this potato-guy is inspired by the mascot for japanese rice cracker snack, Happy Turn. i had finished drawing him but wasn’t quite satisfied that he was perfect.. until i added the dashed cut lines to prepare our friend for his future starring in a potato salad. yes!!! evil! maybe it had something to do with the book i was reading, but i was in a german mood, so i named him Glücklich Erdapfel. happy potato.

and our version of potato salad?

a 3:2 mixture of desiree potatoes and sweet potatoes, slightly over-boiled for extra creaminess, a dressing of whole egg mayo with a glove of garlic (made into a paste with the help of some salt and the back of a knife) and the same amount of finely, finely chopped brown onion left to sit in the fridge overnight. finally a topping of cheating, naughty but so tasty fried up bacon. mmmmmmmm.

les voyageurs.

the travellers.

so following the rsvp from (more than) a few months ago, T & i went along to see our friends, E&G, wed in a little park on the north side with an amazing view of Sydney Harbour.

we share with these guys a passion for travelling – only that E&G manage to get away more often than we do! (lucky ones on their honeymoon in Hawaii as i speak!)

i took the opportunity to use a vintage map (love!) and a paper plane set in a pop-up polaroid-ish frame, inspired by E&G’s polaroid project.


funny story with this… the first time i made the cut, the loops of the paper plane path were mirrored, creating the look of a cursive ‘L’… which then gave the impression of the word ‘Leg’ with the ‘eg’. eeek! re-cut!!

le tigre de papier.

the paper tiger.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

Amelia Earhart

and now another type of paper tiger. happy birthday T!


franck, le tank.

his name is Franck, and he digs tanks.
well.. not literally digging (with a shovel), but he… appreciates them.

to celebrate his dirty thirty birthday.


l’amour déplace les montagnes.

love moves mountains.

here is where i could break into song – “ain’t no mountain hiiiiigh enooough…”
but i won’t.

another commissioned wedding card.

friends of friends, Mike and Jill met and fell in loooove in Vancouver, Canada – with a beautifully scenic mountain landscape in the background.



allez = go
so the above title = gooooooooooooooo!

but actually, in reality, we’d probably use something more like:
woooooooooooooow! (which means… nothing.. lame)

it’s the cheer often to be heard at sporting events in support of teams… or while waiting at concerts/gigs for performers to return for their encores (especially if you’re standing next to T… even in Sydney. yes, he is pretty much always the only one saying it en francais. in any case, it’s fun).


card-making is such a personal thing for me. part of the process when i make for friends and family, is thinking of a theme which ties back to their personality, stuff they love, dumb jokes (which may include stuff they hate), previous shared experiences… generally something which will bring a smile or even better, provoke a giggle.

so here is a commissioned wedding card which i made (> more than) a few months ago. (only just sorted pix now!). despite knowing the now wedded couple myself, i needed some ideas to make this card truly a card for them. something personal… otherwise, frankly it defeats the purpose of a personalised card, right? all i managed to get as inspiration was the fact that they are pretty keen fans of team sports and that their names, John and Monica – had now (affectionately) been abbreviated to Jonica.

this is what i got to.


again, it fed my ongoing obsession with string wrap closures.. loooove. also, with wedding gifts options these days often being something other than a boxed item – like experiences or wishing well contributions, i incorporated a little concealed pocket with a pull out card for an extra gift message.