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sur la route.

On the road.

From the last post earlier this year, we’ve passed through the months traveling to places far, far away, and now here I am, back in the seat of my desk at home.

Our journey was awesome and inspiring – a long time dream come true. I can’t even begin to tell you… so for now, this is just a little taste in insta format. Once we get through the bazillion photos, there’ll be more to see and stories to read.


I’ve got catch up posting to do with some projects I worked on pre-trip. I’m a sucker for chronological order…


après la pluie le beau temps. (de couleur).

after the rain, the nice weather. (of colour).

or during? if a rainy day means having the chance to laze around the house and maybe finally crack into that book that’s been sitting on the bedside table untouched since it was bought months ago?? well this i am happy for!

if you’re interested in colour (color/couleur/farbe) – its history, theory, weird stories, fun facts and random trivia, i think you will enjoy ROY G BIV by Jude Stewart as well. granted, i am only in the intro, but i’m tracking along surprisingly well considering the font is TINY!!

ahead of me, i have readings on the average colour of the universe, the different cultural meanings of colours, the reasons why pink would be for girls and blue for boys… and so on.


another book i’ve read in the past on colour is Colour: Travels through the Paintbox (the original title in Brit & Aus) by Victoria Finlay. it’s a mix of history reference and travel novel – generally an interesting read, despite being a bit slow in parts. did you know that the yellow we commonly associate with the coating on pencils was actually a little marketing trick to link back to the yellow colours of the Manchu imperial robes in the areas where graphite was mined from? random, right?

cent. ein hundert. a hundred.

depuis mars 2010. zeit marz 2010. since march 2010.


this officially makes 100 posts on this funny little blog. across nearly 3 and a half years. from berlin to paris to sydney. thinking back i wonder what on earth i spoke about to make up that many posts. in any case, it continues…. ha. still making stuff and talking crap.

omelette. et des oeufs.

omelette. and eggs.
short for:
on ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des oeufs.
you can’t make omelette without breaking eggs.

equally, i can’t do anything without making a mess.
it’s been busy times on the “making” front… but i’m loving it.

my mess/desk.


et les poches mystère.
the mystery pouches.
too early to show you the contents, but you’ll see soon enough.



wonder. i quite like this word in french. i actually learnt it off the french movie posters for tim burton’s alice in wonderland. anyway, not what i mean to write about.

i’m reading this amazing book called i wonder by Marian Bantjes… it’s a small collection of her essays/observations on design and typography. amazing because it’s beautiful to look at and really interesting to read. there’s a couple of lines in the opening essay i wanted to share…

to take for granted is the death of wonder. when we take people, our environment and our lives for granted, our weariness and illusion of knowledge allows us to destroy the things our ancestors held so much in awe.
curiosity, that once impious act that dares to question what was given, is the key to the fantastic.

Marian Bantjes

a few years ago i wrote a little thing on geometry and it’s symbolism and use in islamic art. Marian touches on this in her discussion and illustration, inspiring this little cut here.

and after attending a talk on geometry for national science week, i’ve also decided that i NEED to go Alhambra… apparently a huge inspiration to MC Escher and his work. eeep!

le chapeau de… pétanque??

a bowler hat doesn’t really translate to a chapeau de pétanque.. that translation was just a stupid thought that occurred to me looking up the background of bowler hat. i should really know already, but i didn’t. turns out the bowler hat never had anything to do with a bowling… or bowls, bocce or pétanque… it’s named after the brothers that designed it. simple as that.

picked up this great old ladder from mitchell road and it wears my bowler hat, the lamp we made as our first foray into electricity and another origami ball of kraft brown paper and tracing film.

nouveau. neu. new.

new look. yaaaaaay!