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la saucisse et les poings de singe.

the sausage and the monkey’s fists. this is actually a little story about macrame, not meat products or the revolutionary hand gestures of real primates. sorry. even i’m bummed.

so, with so much referencing of macrame and other handcrafts going on at work, i took it upon myself to learn some basic macrame skills. after i got the basics down, i desperately wanting to start making… stuff.

i couldn’t find anything that i really, whole-heartedly wanted to get stuck into that had any decent function. wall hanging? no. placemat? no. keyring. already made one. ha. finally i came across an image of a single lightbulb encased in an egg-shaped lamp shade. that was it. after some research i found that it was by Sarah Parkes, of smalltown. amazing stuff. without thinking hard and logically about it, i bought a bagful of beautiful turquoise cord from e&m greenfields, created an egg shape about of fabric and plastic bags and proceeded to spend at least 2 hours macrame-ing my ass off around the ‘mould’.

seems in hindsight, that i failed to consider the size and lack of structure of my cord in proportion to the shape, let alone the entire structure itself. result. a long bunch of macrame cords. sans any sort of resemblance of an egg. its function now? fabric sausage *scoff* or is that spelt *scough*?

next chapter – monkey’s fists.

a monkey’s fist is actually just a nautical knot which ends up as round as a ball. coming across this knot while researching at work, i reeeally wanted to learn how to make it… so i did right then and there. luckily for me, i am actually allowed to call this ‘work’. on another web-surf safari, i saw that hermes made limited edition (and ridiculously expensive) monkey’s fist bag charms using their scarf silk twill. suddenly, there was a new project on my hands. so here, you have the classic rope version, my first fabric set and the set i made for T’s mama.. complete with paper cut packaging.