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outils. et le retour du cuir.

tools. and the return of leather.

after my first post on leather, i had a bit more of a play, but was pretty much limited to using v-tools. the other carving tools weren’t quite the right shapes to cut into the leather enough to make defined lines. nice curves require a steadier hand and more patience. things i’m not always in supply of. anyway, this is one of my funny pieces.

one morning a month or so ago, coming down the stairs for breakfast, T surprised me with a whole set of leather stamping tools which he picked up from Birdsall. SO SO exciting! we didn’t have any appropriate tapping object in our house – besides heels of shoes (aplenty!) or a very rusty hammer which had been living under the sink for a while. i had to wait to actually tool anything, but wasted no time in making a cosy home for all the bits using some fun geo print fabric and linen that i had in my fabric scrap bag.

the mallet eventually came a few weeks later, so finally i got to have a proper go at stamping… yaaay!


peut-ĂȘtre.. cuir?

maybe leather?

paper is, obviously, my usual choice for cutting… but after spotting a beautiful hand carved leather bicycle saddle during a browser-window-shopping session, i was inspired… i picked up a basic and cheap-ish set of carving tools and had a play…. it’s very different, but definitely something i would enjoy playing with more.