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parcours d’amour.

journey of looooove.

my artwork on a real-life invitation! eeeeeeee!


for friends whose love story spans across a decade, meeting on the slopes of Whistler in Canada, trying life in various other Canadian cities to find themselves marrying in her home town of Sydney. when N came to me with the idea and asked me to put something together, i was more than happy to oblige. i so much enjoyed drawing up the little icons for each place.

all the text is hand lettered with a copic medium brush tip multiliner. if you were to look in my file you’d find pages, pages and pages of the same words repeated over and over to get them just right. even then, i had to sprinkle a bit of adobe magic dust to polish them up. super fun project.


note de rançon.

ransom note.
probably more like random note.

Shadow typography.jpg

or is it?


while we are LOLing and ROFLing, the french are MDRing.

mdr = mort/e de rire. died of laughter.


obsession of the moment: hand lettering.

i have always been intrigued by typography, although i would not claim to know much about it. i do cut letters a lot in cards, but have always thought that i should do more in the way of nicer, different fonts and so. i remember as kid (clutching on to my scholastic lettering book) wondering how sign painters/sign writers got their letters so perfect by hand. i still wonder… of those that are left.

last week i came across the work of artist Gemma O’Brien. well.. actually i had seen her work before, here and here, but now i finally know of the who.

the very same day i picked up a flyer outside work-shop who just moved in across the road from work. i was excited to find that Gemma was running a class there – but was gutted to find that i was going to miss out as i was going to be out of town.

with all the rainy weather this weekend, i re-found that DIY link above and gave it a go myself.


i chose this line for T, ultra talented at making me laugh – from one of my fave songs by Devendra Banhart – this.

i originally wanted to just keep it as an outline, but my poor outlining skills let me down so i had to fill it in.

with a habit of collecting dusty, old reference books without any actual need to reference – i was pretty happy to find a use for this one that i picked up from the trödler/brocanteur/antiquey-junk shop on oxford street last year.

love it when a seemingly useless buy turns good!

un quoi-com?

a what-com?
a wacom. graphics tablet.

it’s not that i want to leave my pencil and paper behind – no way. just felt that i could… expand on my skillz (yo).

anyway… this is what i got after my first muck-around. it’s def an amazing tool. poops on a mouse any day.


and yes, of course the penguin belongs there.

le petit chaperon rouge.

little red riding hood makes another appearance, but now in paper doll pop-up!

a fun layering process

den lille havfrue.

the little mermaid. under the sea.

so there finishes my short run with fairy tale illustrations. i was really into it for a while, but now i’ve moved onto a new obsession…

rapunzel, rapunzel.

let down your hair.