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same in all languages, it seems.

my first introduction to the concept of a talisman, was actually through a song, by air – the french band. one of my favourites by them. that album, moon safari was like a soundtrack to my late-teen daydreams of visiting France. all beside the point of this post, but a very luscious song in any case.

the subject of this post is actually tassels. as is sometimes the case, there is no difference between the word in english and its french translation. no fun.

so i plugged ‘tassel’ into wiki and i learnt some curious facts:
– once upon a time (and possibly still??), the crafting of tassels (amongst other things, like pompoms, fringes and cord) was (is?) a true artform in France. such people are called passementiers, and had to put in 7 years of apprenticeship before being able to call themselves a master!
– in the middle east, tassels were worn by children atop hoods and caps as talismans, to protect from evil.

and at the end of all that, i chose to title this post talisman. which, again, is the same in english as it is french. ha.

let me be clear in saying, there are no magical powers happening here. just plain old – but fun – tassels.

some time ago, i made some longer bugle-like beads of fimo but didn’t really know what to do with them. the other week i decided to make a few tassels out of embroidery thread i had lying around to hang off the ends of the beads. i was pretty happy, so i made a few more to gift to friends.


making them is SUPER easy.


(forgive the crappy photo quality – it isn’t easy making with one hand and photographing with the other!!)

and now finally, HAPPY WEEKEND!!!



another venture into fimo.

some bits to send in a care package (along with quality aussie ‘delicacies’) to mates who relocated last year to the northern hemi.

the half-sphere version of the beloved fimo bead.
tip: if after you’ve spent what feels like an age softening and kneading the fimo to mould it, then need to cut it – wait until it cools and hardens again to maintain the shape. seems obvious, but not obvious enough for me…. ha. ended up with many a squashed ovoid half bead.


and a funny (and yes, pretty ugly) recreation of a typical (and unrenovated) sydney terrace. with such small detail, i got over trying to make it look better pretty fast. bang a magnet on the back >> fridge magnet!


le bonbon et la bicyclette.

the lolly and the bicycle.

i’ve only ever known the word ‘vélo’ for bicycle, but somehow the dictionary just threw back the word ‘bicyclette’. funny because i think what i cut is much more a ‘bicyclette’ than it is a ‘vélo’.

anyway, this was a ridiculously late fun little gift for a friend who loves her pink and her bicycle. i got to the taffy/candy cane look for the ‘Y’ pendant by just (painfully warming up and) twisting pink and white fimo.




a few years (!?) ago, actually during the very early days of this blog, i posted this – liebe grüße.

this image of a cat hanging out on the back of dog in Istanbul has stuck with us… in case you haven’t seen it before, this was it.


so again, i was inspired to recreate.. this time – in fimo.


un souvenir des fleurs.

a memory of flowers.

it’s been almost 4 years since i landed in the EU on my last big, big journey, which took me through Scandi to Berlin.

I met Karin when she kindly offered to host me (via couchsurfing) despite the timing of my visit being Midsommers in Sweden – where most would prefer going to spend time with their families or friends rather than random travelling strangers. dancing around in circles and taking shots of schnapps to kid’s midsommer songs with her and her friends is probably one of my favourite cs experiences. inspired by the colours and flowers on her dress, I made fimo beads and this rose cut and sent it in a sewn-up package. tack K.



not vague at all.
but it means wave.

on looking for a title for this entry, i hassled T for some nice french words to fit. the translations offered to some random words i threw at him ended up being almost the same as english. and that’s no fun, is it?

i got online and put in ‘wave’ into a translator. turns out the translation is vague. ha! so then it all started to click. if you know the band nouvelle vague – it means new wave! nothing to do with new vagueness or vague news…. as i had previously thought. ha! ridiculous.

quand même.

so fimo-geddon failed to strike with the intensity that i expected. i found myself a bit lost for where to start with so much of the stuff at my disposal. but i did want to make a pendant for a dear friend V in Berlin. inspired by V and her art, i knew it had to be something other than round or geometric beads… after trying so many different shapes, i layered 2 colours i mixed, cut a strip and and draped it around a mini roll of baking paper, creating a tubular wave so the chain could slide through. simple, but i like it.


fimo. heart.


unlike many people, fimo is completely new to my life. my mama would home-make our play-dough, so i didn’t actually know what fimo was until i spotted the tray of coloured clay wonder at the local newsagent.

so it all started with a single small block of plain white fimo. from this block, i can happily introduce you to some new friends.

i had been lusting after a piece by melbourne-based emily green at follow store. with all the colours, i just couldn’t decide which one i wanted and kept going back and forth about it in my head…. but when one day when i came across them again at another store, it dawned on me that her beads were actually made of fimo! seeing an opportunity to MMO (make my own!), i bee-lined to the nearest art shop and picked up a couple of basic colour blocks hoping i might be able to mix some other shades and tones.

kneading fimo is hard work. especially in cold weather. my hands felt bruised from rolling it so vigourously to create 7 chunky beads (not without finger prints and lint bits)… 3 of the colours i mixed myself – the pinky dust (not dusty pink), the dirty yellow and the pale sea green. i dug up a length of fine antique goldy finish chain which i had been holding onto for a few years and threaded them on. LOVE.

SUPER exciting news is that mega awesome friend sez won a comp which got her 100bucks worth of fimo – which she so, so kindly gave to me! omg. fimogeddon.