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d’Iznik et d’Inde.

of Iznik and of India.

this card was inspired by the art of Iznik ceramics. the colours. the motifs. it was also in dedication to a friend’s momentarily wall-mounted, hand-painted plate which she brought home with her from Turkey. i believe it is now back on the wall, but after it jigsawed itself.

the notebook i made with the indian printed paper i fell of my bike with a few months before. i stuffed the inside cover pockets with origami squares and after this photo, stamped the front page with:


that’s just how it has to be.



c’est une maladie.

it’s an illness.

my obsessions with paper.

this week i have managed to buy 3 books of coloured card from Tokutokuya (100¥ store in Bondi!) and 2 big sheets of indian printed paper from Pentimento in Newtown. on my way home i think i was being so precious about not ruining the rolls of paper in my tote bag on my arm that i actually sacrificed my balance and fell of my bike. stupid. anyway… thinking about some book binding projects…

it was once suggested to me that my passion for paper is perhaps a little un-eco, un-enviro-friendly passion for paper. but since i’m pretty good at reusing/recycling, that should be enough to offset… right?!

illness copy

worth the bruising?


p.s. thank you to the kind folk that evening on crown street who helped me back to my feet from under my bike and re-gathered my groceries that fell all over footpath – all while getting into their Messina gelato! go you kind multi-taskers!

l’amour. et paris. encore.

so you might remember a year ago, a post about the ‘day-in-paris’ wedding gift and the card and phrase book that went with it. the honeymoon that was planned for april 2011 was pushed back. and back. and back… until finally they were set on may 2012.

we arranged a day’s route taking in our ‘personal favourite’ spots around paris as well as other special bits – a treat at Cafe Angelina, a champagne tasting cruise along the river seine, personalised travel passes and delivered goodies. we did our best to keep the mystery alive until their arrival… and from what they tell us, they were nicely surprised! phew!

so again, i worked my mini-book making skills, using the same theme as the the card and phrase book from the year before – kraft brown and light blue card with red/white twine binding. to finish it off, i added a string wrap closure, something of an obsession of the month for me. inside, we gave directions, tips, maps and of course, bits of random commentary which come naturally having anything to do with T and i. all in all, satisfying and really fun… for all of us, i think.

livre d’or.

golden book.
golden book of guests.
really, just guest book.

so when lisa recruited me as her maid of honor last year, i was actually scared. scared of long dresses, kitchen teas and hen’s nights. thankfully, she understood this fear and let me skip most that responsibility. but when she couldn’t work out where she was going to find a decent guestbook, i was ALL OVER IT.

since reading The Journal of Dora Damage and listening to a friend tell of her pursuit to learn book binding, i decided that i wanted to learn too. cue youtube. ha.

i got most of the main bits from Amazing Paper in Enmore. i covered book board with cotton calico and textured green paper (inspired by the invitations) and used wax coated cotton for the lace up binding.

to maximise visitor signings, we left stacks of paper on clipboards with pens on every table at the reception. after the wedding and a couple of weeks in india, i collated all the signings and printed photos from disposable cameras left with fun props at the gifting table. took a while to get to the point of ‘voila’, but they loved it. phew.

l’amour. et paris.

at least for me, love and paris are two words that just naturally go together.

when T and I recently had the honour of invitation to attend the wedding of two of my old school friends, i must say, we were completely stumped for ideas. then finally, it fell upon us. an idea to plan a day for them in Paris while on their honeymoon route through Europe in April – taking advantage of T’s expert knowledge of the town.. and language(s).

so aside from the appropriately inspired card, i challenged my mini-book making skills, laying out and (very simply) binding a French/English/Spanish phrase book to help them on their travels. on one of the few days i have managed to catch it open, i stopped in at Paper 2 and picked up some supplies. nice weight, quality card in natural brown and blue and most exciting, red/white candy stripe twine, to bind the book. i kept the cover plain, for discretion and added some little sleeve pockets on the inside of each cover, for tickets and so on. fun project.