collection d’éphémère.

collection of fleeting.

fleeting moments. fleeting records of those fleeting moments.

when we are on the road, i swing like a pendulum between wanting to capture moments on camera to keep hold of; and then leaving the camera in my bag to experience those moments wholly to keep in memory only. on this last big trip though, we wanted by the end of the 4 months to have a good little collection of tangible moments of the journey. though we still sometimes forgot to pull out the fujifilm instax, we managed a good bundle of pics. because of the uncertain nature of instant film (there isn’t really any known lifespan of an instant photo), we wanted to keep them safe, but close to hand to revive fond memories of the trip.

inspired by accordion photo albums, i made this little pocket-sized number. going with a natural, minimal theme, i used brown kraft board, veg tan leather and balsa wood for the cover. since the balsa was so soft, i managed to sew the leather strip to the back cover to keep it in place. a collar stud and hole in the leather strip to keep the accordion folds closed… et voila… a super-easy mini-album.



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