le puzzle: la construction de l’origami modulaire.

the puzzle. modular origami construction.

once you have your dozens of modules, you’re ready to construct. it’s not such an easy thing to explain so hopefully the photos will speak loud enough.

the anatomy of a module


each module has 2 pockets and 2 inserts. when you start constructing, you’ll need to make sure that as you go along, every pocket is filled with an insert, and every insert goes into a pocket. each module will be in contact with 4 other modules.


continuing on from the module folding post…


p. your stack of 12 modules. they should make a neat pile if they’re all folded correctly. if they don’t, it means you may have missed a step or folded in the wrong direction.
q. start with 2 modules. slide into the pocket of one, the insert of the second.
r. make sure the insert goes all the way into the pocket to make it sturdier and therefore easier to work with as you go along.
s. rotate and add another module into the second.
t. bring the closest insert of the first module you started with and put it into the pocket of the last module you just added.
u. your first pyramid. you’ll need to keep looking to finish each new pyramid as you add more modules. there are 8 of these once you finish with your 12 modules.


v. just keep adding following the same idea of pockets and inserts.
w. x. y. when it looks like you’re ready to finish another pyramid, there’s probably an insert that’s waiting for that very pocket. remember you don’t have to keep adding new modules every time.
z. when working with 12 modules, this is what you’ll see – a 4 pointed star. with 30 modules, you want to make 5 pointed stars.
!. complete with all 12 modules in place!

evidently, it’s difficult to explain how it all comes together, especially after the first few modules. it’s one of those things that you really get once you get your hands on it. it’s really like a puzzle, trial and error. but once you get the hang of it, the options are endless!


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