d’où êtes-vous?

where are you from?

thinking about my own story and of those of the people around me, i consider that we are all a little bit from everywhere. thinking about the journeys of our ancestors, our parents, and of course those journeys of our own. one day when T and i will have minis, it will be important for them to know and understand that they inherit parts of our combined stories, and will have roots in many places.

this idea gave me the inspiration to make a few personalised ori-globes as gifts for a few “new-parent” friends and their minis.

a simplified version of this project from 2011, i used copies of maps and selected areas of sentimental significance which i knew of my friends’ lives. such areas included where mama’s family came from, where papa was born, where mama and papa met, holidayed, married went on their honey moon and so on.


i like to imagine that one day, my friends will be able to point out the special places on the ori-globe and tell stories to their kids.

if you want to try this, it’s definitely worth making up a little template. using scrap paper, fold a few modules, enough so that a single module is fully connected. mark on that fully connected module what is visible when fully connected. remove the additional modules, undo the folds and cut away the areas you marked as visible. you can lay this on top of whatever you want to use to see what will be visible on your ori-globe. you’ll save yourself folding however many modules to realise that your significant bit of map, letter, photo, pic or quote is concealed under the fold of another module!


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