petit à petit: un module d’origami.

step by step or little by little.
an origami module.

a lot of my origami projects are based on a single, simple module. having tried to read origami diagrams for the first time as a kid, i found them confusing. sometimes even now i get stuck and wonder if the person who made the diagram even tested it out themselves. so i thought it might be helpful to do a photographic step-by-step…


a. start with a square. fold it in half.
b. (if you’ve got 2 sided paper, your face side should be down)
c. unfold to see your centre line. fold one side toward your centre line.
d. fold the other side the centre line.
e. should look like this.
f. flip it over.


g. fold your top right corner so it lines up with the upper left edge.
h. fold your bottom left corner so it lines up with the lower right edge.
i. rotate.
j. fold your top edge down to it lines up with the centre line.
k. fold your bottom edge so it also lines up with the centre line.
l. flip it over.
m. fold your diamond shape in half.
n. should look like this.
o. unfold just a few steps to this. this is 1 x module.

now. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat.
this is what modular origami is about… maybe i’m on my own with this, but i find the repetitive folding really calming.

modular construction with 12 pieces to come soon!
p.s. do you like doing puzzles?


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