turns out, it’s not just a sandwich.

what seems like an eternity ago, back in May, our friend Matthieu and T organised a mini world cup soccer/football comp here in Sydney.

we had something like 150 players, donning replica vintage jerseys from world cups passed. we talked about souvenir photographs and framing them to look like “paninis”. “sandwiches?”, you say? that’s what i said. if you’re an avid soccer/football fan (which sorry to say, i am not), you would know that paninis are the collectable sticker cards of all the teams and their players – with their portrait, name, stats and so on.

i was all over it.

with printing being the issue, instant photography was clearly the answer. this was a good enough reason, along with our upcoming travels, for me to buy the fujifilm instax mini 8. the minis were the perfect business card size to convert into our very own Vintage World Cup paninis.

i got onto illustrator and created a frame, somewhat inspired by the cards we had received school class photos presented in. because we had the list of players, we typed up name by name so every player really did have their own panini. we printed them on a medium weight card, spent a few nights trimming excess, cutting windows and scoring folds for easy-on-the-spot prep.


on the day, i was a walking, talking panini machine. many of the guys looked at me blankly when i asked to take their portrait. SO uninterested. it wasn’t until they saw what was being made with their portrait, that they showed kid-like excitement and appreciation. before long, they were lining up.


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