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note de rançon.

ransom note.
probably more like random note.

Shadow typography.jpg

or is it?


la foire.

the fair.

for a wedding in the countryside recalling the fun and light-heartedness of a local fair. less the freak show, but including all the other good stuff – fairy floss, popcorn and the ice-cream truck!


how good is a hole punch for making confetti?! confetti, or fairy lights?


and the story with the little creatures at the bottom… the newly-wedded-couple have 2 fur babies – two lovably naughty staffies whose misadventures often make for tales told at the office lunch table. congrats Jess and Tristos!

de la confiserie.

from the candy store.

i wish i just visited the candy store.


they make me think of willy wonka’s everlasting gobstoppers from charlie and the chocolate factory. i wondered if there was any translation in the french version… but didn’t manage to find any… ??

to welcome a mini-person to the world, i jumped at the opp to start another origami project. i don’t really get to do as much as i used to. well.. actually, i don’t allow myself to do as much as i used to. already there are more than a handful of origami pieces scattered around our small (and crammed) home. i just take advantage of any excuse to fold people with or for other people.

each of these balls are made with 12 square sheets of paper, folded into 1 module each – all the same sequence of folds. that means there are 60 folded sheets right there. yes, it’s repetitive, but it’s totally therapeutic and rewarding, once you finish enough modules to complete a ball… and then again when you finish slotting them all together. even T got involved (with my gentle nudge of encouragement).

Origami Mobile in the making.jpg

to save the nightmare of threading them on, i actually constructed the modules directly onto the cotton twine. then they were tied to a super simple x-frame from a square rod length of balsa wood, cut in half with jewellery headpins for the centre pivot and string loops. easy peasy.

i’m working on a step-by-step to fold a module – to be posted soon!

un bouquet.

not a bunch of flowers, but rather a bunch of yarn!

another tassel-making expedition for a birthday-gift necklace. i threaded the tassel heads through some metal bugle beads and i added some mini-crocheted baubles which came on a trim i had in the bag of tricks.

Multi tassel necklace.jpg

tip – especially if you’re making them with embroidery yarn, use a pin to separate the ends and then hold it over steam from a kettle to detangle, straighten and fluff-up. but avoid burning your fingers!


while we are LOLing and ROFLing, the french are MDRing.

mdr = mort/e de rire. died of laughter.


obsession of the moment: hand lettering.

i have always been intrigued by typography, although i would not claim to know much about it. i do cut letters a lot in cards, but have always thought that i should do more in the way of nicer, different fonts and so. i remember as kid (clutching on to my scholastic lettering book) wondering how sign painters/sign writers got their letters so perfect by hand. i still wonder… of those that are left.

last week i came across the work of artist Gemma O’Brien. well.. actually i had seen her work before, here and here, but now i finally know of the who.

the very same day i picked up a flyer outside work-shop who just moved in across the road from work. i was excited to find that Gemma was running a class there – but was gutted to find that i was going to miss out as i was going to be out of town.

with all the rainy weather this weekend, i re-found that DIY link above and gave it a go myself.


i chose this line for T, ultra talented at making me laugh – from one of my fave songs by Devendra Banhart – this.

i originally wanted to just keep it as an outline, but my poor outlining skills let me down so i had to fill it in.

with a habit of collecting dusty, old reference books without any actual need to reference – i was pretty happy to find a use for this one that i picked up from the trödler/brocanteur/antiquey-junk shop on oxford street last year.

love it when a seemingly useless buy turns good!

avoir la patate.

to have the potato.

meaning: to be in top form.

another crazy-food-themed birthday celebration following last year’s giant schnitzels.

a potato salad-off.

all friends were asked to make their best potato salad for the birthday man to sample. first, the card.


this potato-guy is inspired by the mascot for japanese rice cracker snack, Happy Turn. i had finished drawing him but wasn’t quite satisfied that he was perfect.. until i added the dashed cut lines to prepare our friend for his future starring in a potato salad. yes!!! evil! maybe it had something to do with the book i was reading, but i was in a german mood, so i named him Glücklich Erdapfel. happy potato.

and our version of potato salad?

a 3:2 mixture of desiree potatoes and sweet potatoes, slightly over-boiled for extra creaminess, a dressing of whole egg mayo with a glove of garlic (made into a paste with the help of some salt and the back of a knife) and the same amount of finely, finely chopped brown onion left to sit in the fridge overnight. finally a topping of cheating, naughty but so tasty fried up bacon. mmmmmmmm.