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chez nous.

our home.

distractions (a.k.a projects) keeping me occupied over the last few months.

light at my desk!
such a simply necessary thing, but took a good while to sort out. i did have a lamp but i wanted to add an in-line switch. during the attempt, the lamp blew up in T’s hand, but thankfully he was okay aside from some blackening on his fingertips. watch out for cross-wire action people! anyway, fixed the issue, ordered a cage pendant from Mulbury and spray painted it yellow to finish. spray painting is so satisfying. after this was done, i started to look around at other things around the house to spray!


which lead to this…

ikea hack.
victim: BEKVÄM step stool.
attack: few coats of tea stain to make it look less stark, a taping of the feet and a few coats of vivid orange spray paint (again, such satisfaction!)
new life: home for my ghanaian elephant grass basket.

ikea stepladder

geo patterned serving tray.
somehow, i became obsessed with wanting to have a serving tray. anyone who’s been over to our place knows that our home is no where near big enough to require a tray to take things from the kitchen to some sort of entertaining area (it’s basically the same space!), but anyway, i really wanted a fun one. i found a plain bamboo one, bought a couple of posca pens and got colouring.


i know, i know. crochet is so 3 years ago. i’m soooo behind the trend… but having said that, i’m probably slightly in advance of it’s next revival! i found a great reference for learning crochet in a variety of stitches at New Stitch A Day . i was a crocheting machine. for 2 days. then i got over it. ha.


new geo picnic mat.
new project – freshly cut and awaiting assembly. soon!
(and yes, more triangles!)

picnic mat prep




we do love a good picnic. any excuse to indulge in some good snacky food and sit outside! (we even picnic inside on the loungeroom floor sometimes)

for T’s birthday i launched myself into another big (and highly foreign) project. a picnic bag. i lost sleep over it – working out how to construct it, and then waking up early to duck off to the office to get some sewing done before work. baaaaah!! crazy one, but got it done just in time!

the main body of the bag is a combo of khaki cotton canvas, which i’ve had in my stash for ages, with a base and straps of a sturdy textured outdoor furniture fabric i picked up from reverse garbage at marrickville. the trims on the front flap are black veg-tan leather that i saddle stitched on. inside the main bag is another smaller bag of all the same fabric, but includes a layer of crafters insulating fabric from insul-bright to keep the fromage and saucisson fresh and cool!


to complete the ‘set’, i really wanted to avoid buying plastic plates and cups. after a bit of research i found a completely biodegradable picnic set from Australian based, Ecosoulife. made from bamboo and corn starch, they are re-usable, dishwashable, made to last and all that – but if they are buried, will biodegrade within 2-3 years! a better alternative to plastics!


to be put to the test on our annual camping trip this coming week! fingers crossed for good weather!

happy end of year people!! xx

les voyageurs.

the travellers.

so following the rsvp from (more than) a few months ago, T & i went along to see our friends, E&G, wed in a little park on the north side with an amazing view of Sydney Harbour.

we share with these guys a passion for travelling – only that E&G manage to get away more often than we do! (lucky ones on their honeymoon in Hawaii as i speak!)

i took the opportunity to use a vintage map (love!) and a paper plane set in a pop-up polaroid-ish frame, inspired by E&G’s polaroid project.


funny story with this… the first time i made the cut, the loops of the paper plane path were mirrored, creating the look of a cursive ‘L’… which then gave the impression of the word ‘Leg’ with the ‘eg’. eeek! re-cut!!