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l’amour déplace les montagnes.

love moves mountains.

here is where i could break into song – “ain’t no mountain hiiiiigh enooough…”
but i won’t.

another commissioned wedding card.

friends of friends, Mike and Jill met and fell in loooove in Vancouver, Canada – with a beautifully scenic mountain landscape in the background.




allez = go
so the above title = gooooooooooooooo!

but actually, in reality, we’d probably use something more like:
woooooooooooooow! (which means… nothing.. lame)

it’s the cheer often to be heard at sporting events in support of teams… or while waiting at concerts/gigs for performers to return for their encores (especially if you’re standing next to T… even in Sydney. yes, he is pretty much always the only one saying it en francais. in any case, it’s fun).


card-making is such a personal thing for me. part of the process when i make for friends and family, is thinking of a theme which ties back to their personality, stuff they love, dumb jokes (which may include stuff they hate), previous shared experiences… generally something which will bring a smile or even better, provoke a giggle.

so here is a commissioned wedding card which i made (> more than) a few months ago. (only just sorted pix now!). despite knowing the now wedded couple myself, i needed some ideas to make this card truly a card for them. something personal… otherwise, frankly it defeats the purpose of a personalised card, right? all i managed to get as inspiration was the fact that they are pretty keen fans of team sports and that their names, John and Monica – had now (affectionately) been abbreviated to Jonica.

this is what i got to.


again, it fed my ongoing obsession with string wrap closures.. loooove. also, with wedding gifts options these days often being something other than a boxed item – like experiences or wishing well contributions, i incorporated a little concealed pocket with a pull out card for an extra gift message.