Archive | August 2013

pingouin en boite.

penguin in a box.

sort of.

in case i haven’t mentioned it before, i ❤ penguins! ahhhh! SO cute.

a few weeks ago, i came across one of those 3d cardboard puzzle/sculptures in the shape of a penguin online. eeeeeeeeeee! neeeeed!

being guilty of excessive spending of late, i decided against adding to cart. instead, i decided i’d take up the challenge of making one of my own. we had a couple of fancy pants gourmet take away boxes sitting on top of our recycle tub, so i salvaged them and spread out on the floor in uncomfortable anti-yoga poses and started cutting shapes.



slot construction gave my brain a bit of a work-out, but after a while, it all worked itself out really. all up – it took me 2 whole nights to get to this guy. hi!




dobry den.

hello/good day/bonjour/gutentag… in a couple of different slavic languages.

throughout the past few years, there have been various reasons to be fascinated with the slavic/russian languages. meeting new people. friends. movies. dreaming about future train rides. seasonal inspiration at work. enough to occasionally adopt an appropriate (but poor and potentially, unintentionally offensive) accent on random days for fun and sillies. ‘aaarb-sol-ooot-ly’.

anyway.. whatever.. HELLO FRIDAY! YAY!