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par exemple.

for example.

so this is an example of when a joke could potentially be lost in translation.

eng: for example >> abbreviated to eg.
fr: par exemple >> abbreviated to ex.

so when sending a little rsvp note to Eve and Guillaume for their upcoming wedding, i tried this…


thankfully, the joke wasn’t lost. phew.

(p.s. check their amazing photography blog the magic camera)


je m’en fiche.

i don’t care.

being 30+ is fine for me.
apparently it’s not for everyone.


too bad, Nat.
we celebrate you anyway. ha!

le bonbon et la bicyclette.

the lolly and the bicycle.

i’ve only ever known the word ‘vélo’ for bicycle, but somehow the dictionary just threw back the word ‘bicyclette’. funny because i think what i cut is much more a ‘bicyclette’ than it is a ‘vélo’.

anyway, this was a ridiculously late fun little gift for a friend who loves her pink and her bicycle. i got to the taffy/candy cane look for the ‘Y’ pendant by just (painfully warming up and) twisting pink and white fimo.


cuir nu.

naked leather.

so since my last little pochette that i made for myself, i decided to sew up a few more. this time in naked, natural vegtan leather so that over time and after wear, the man-pouches (ha!) develop their own personality or ‘patina’.

for T, who recently had to renew his passport and obviously needed a new home for it. trimmed with contrast black vegtan.


and for my cousin, who departed back to the land of frenchies before he heads off on a longer journey through Sth America. really curious to see how it changes. also if he discovers the chunk of my finger which i lost while cutting the leather for this!


d’Iznik et d’Inde.

of Iznik and of India.

this card was inspired by the art of Iznik ceramics. the colours. the motifs. it was also in dedication to a friend’s momentarily wall-mounted, hand-painted plate which she brought home with her from Turkey. i believe it is now back on the wall, but after it jigsawed itself.

the notebook i made with the indian printed paper i fell of my bike with a few months before. i stuffed the inside cover pockets with origami squares and after this photo, stamped the front page with:


that’s just how it has to be.


cent. ein hundert. a hundred.

depuis mars 2010. zeit marz 2010. since march 2010.


this officially makes 100 posts on this funny little blog. across nearly 3 and a half years. from berlin to paris to sydney. thinking back i wonder what on earth i spoke about to make up that many posts. in any case, it continues…. ha. still making stuff and talking crap.