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meet Marvin, the sloth.

made for my friend Brooke, who still hasn’t ruled out the idea of going ‘Dian Fossey’ (a la Gorillas in the Mist), but with sloths.



on dit.

one says.

funny stories make for funny cards. wedding cards even.
i think sometimes you just have to be there…

but to nutshell it for you, this was about a bride-to-be who was mega-alarmed/enraged to have someone say to her ‘you look so formal!’ during a wedding dress fitting (pre-approval, obviously). us, being the supportive colleagues that we are – found this hilarious. all provided appropriate selfies and this is how it panned out.


c’est dans la pochette.

it’s in the pouch/purse.

so despite taking the fall for that indian printed paper, i still haven’t touched it again for that book binding project. oops. or as T would spell.. oups.

instead i made T wake up early on a Saturday morning to take me to Birdsall Leather… so many tools, bits and pieces. i had been meaning to get down there to do a class for so long.. and still haven’t managed, but i had no problem with the task of spending. who knew there was a tool to make 4 stitch holes at once?! (nerd! in case you haven’t already worked it out, it’s the small things that count for me..)


and after online lessons in saddle stitching, burnishing leather edges and making/using a strop…


a single arvo project… a little pouch that fits the cards, keys and phone! woop!