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dedans et dehors, par dessus et par dessous

in and out, over and under.

so the loom i posted about the other day as part of my barter… i’ve finally had a crack at it.

note: i thought i’d test out my handwriting with the wacom… turns out the wacom does nothing to improve it, so please excuse!


more pics for further progress soon!


c’est une maladie.

it’s an illness.

my obsessions with paper.

this week i have managed to buy 3 books of coloured card from Tokutokuya (100¥ store in Bondi!) and 2 big sheets of indian printed paper from Pentimento in Newtown. on my way home i think i was being so precious about not ruining the rolls of paper in my tote bag on my arm that i actually sacrificed my balance and fell of my bike. stupid. anyway… thinking about some book binding projects…

it was once suggested to me that my passion for paper is perhaps a little un-eco, un-enviro-friendly passion for paper. but since i’m pretty good at reusing/recycling, that should be enough to offset… right?!

illness copy

worth the bruising?


p.s. thank you to the kind folk that evening on crown street who helped me back to my feet from under my bike and re-gathered my groceries that fell all over footpath – all while getting into their Messina gelato! go you kind multi-taskers!


i had wanted to call this post ‘totes’ but i felt a bit like i was cheating not having a french title. i was totes certain that i wouldn’t be able to discover any french translation.. but it turns out, i did. comps. ha!

F] Je suis comps sérieux.
E] I am totes serious.

so apparently, comps is to complètement, what totes is to totally. there you go. (well, ok – that’s according to urban dictionary.. hardly a solid source, i know… but its all in good fun).

anyway. i’ve been making tote bags lately… one for a friends birthday, another for myself… and probably more on the production line soon. they’re so damn easy to make i don’t even know why i’m writing about it.

when i was last down at my local-outrageously-priced-design-store i saw this reeeeally sweet hankerchief under the glass counter with different sized polka dots in a cubic sort of arrangement. the thing wouldn’t fit around my head so i had to leave it behind. fast forward a few months, i’m online, researching for work and lusting over the cubic prints on pierre hardy, which i will NEVER in my lifetime agree to dish out $$$ for. some googling and i rediscovered the designer of the polka dot cubes. Nathalie du Pasquier of the 80’s art and architecture movement, Memphis Group. i discovered that Third Drawer Down in Melbs also made my dream print in tea towels (!)… (have a weird thing for tea towels at the mo) and even better than that, it came in a pair with a vivid yellow cubic print – parfait!


on the opposite end of the scale, away from the geo forms – the other bag i made was for a friend whose personal style is so very bohème chic. mini floral and leather trim all the way on that one. plus a lace-inspired cut card to go with.


un bonnet de douche…. pour mon vélo.

a shower cap…. for my bike.

nothing to do with any unsavoury personality you would otherwise call a douche/bag…. well… maybe…

riding in the rain isn’t always bad. a dry saddle def makes it more tolerable. i used to keep a (fairly unattractive) plastic shopping bag over my saddle until i managed to pick up a cute printed Bike Cap on our last visit to Deutschland (though Bike Caps are actually dutch). it dutifully protected my saddle (and ass) from wet weather until last week when some unfriendly douche/bag took it from my bike while it was parked out the front of work.

thankfully, i was somewhat prepared for such an event. a few months ago i dropped into Me Too Please – and picked up a bag of mixed cuttings of mexican oil cloth. shamefully, i was too lazy to ever take the pattern from the Bike Cap i had, so i had to wing it and ended up with a perhaps too snugly fitting new one… but hopefully the next person who tries to nick it will get annoyed and give up.


note: i took this pic yesterday while it was pretty sunny – and of course, today – while the weather was indeed wet and crap, i had the bike parked out on the balcony under rain withOUT the cap on. phf.

un quoi-com?

a what-com?
a wacom. graphics tablet.

it’s not that i want to leave my pencil and paper behind – no way. just felt that i could… expand on my skillz (yo).

anyway… this is what i got after my first muck-around. it’s def an amazing tool. poops on a mouse any day.


and yes, of course the penguin belongs there.

truc du troquer.

probably highly grammatically incorrect. just something i threw in the translator.

update: yes indeed, i was grammatically incorrect!

troquer des trucs.

i quite like the word truc. it’s like dinge in german (i think)… and saying thingy in english. that’s what i imagine anyway. ha.

troquer is barter. something i only ever thought happened in the “olden days” officially. when i have mentioned to friends that i very recently (as in a few months ago in the year 2013) engaged in a barter, they have either looked confused or laughed thinking that i’ve made a joke.

a few years ago when i should have been working at the front desk of that trade show dinge in Berlin, i was hooked up to a tree, playing with a mini loom and weaving (very simple) cloth. Actionweaver, or Travis – as he is also known, is on a mission to spread interest in hand weaving and “slow” production. he has “performed” weaving in public and now is also encouraging barter and time-based non-monetary systems of exchange… so, even after a few years, i was still thinking about that mini loom and contacted him about buying one off him, before i knew about this barter thing.

he simply told me he doesn’t “do money” anymore, so i was stuck for ideas. i was not so much someone who produces stuff and i felt that going out to buy something was cheating, so i set out to make some things for his adorable son, Lou. i’m a bit embarrassed to say, but despite having worked in a chapeau company for 2.5 years, i still had not fully made a hat with my own two hands… until now. i made a little bucket hat in sky blue denim, lined in a cute print and finished with bright blue grosgrain. i also made a little softie koala from the same denim, all dapper with a bow tie. i also put in the package a book of australian animals and some unspun alpaca wool picked up from our weekend away.


in return, i got this little truc.

stayed tuned for my first cloth. (but be nice, it’s my first try!)
meanwhile, read Travis’ writings… really interesting insights.

au fin fond de la forêt.

at the end of the forest.

well.. not quite that far.

to continue our run of weddings for 2013, we recently attended another at sutton forest, down in the southern highlands. a beautiful day, surrounded by rolling hills with blue skies, sunshine and LOTS of love, laughter and tears (the happy type).

their invitation was actually a really exciting envelope to receive – with a foresty, woodland theme throughout, complete with map and guide to the local fauna for the many guests that they were expecting to fly in from abroad, all designed and laid out by the groom himself.


it made for great inspiration for our card for them. adding an extra layer/step pop-up between the outer and inner created more depth, especially effective for the forest theme. fun!