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le nœud de l’affaire.

the knot of the matter… like the twist in a story.

so i learnt a new french letter/s(?!) the other day. it is œe-dans-l’o’: e inside the o. ‘ehr’… something like ö in german, i guess.

so i’ve posted before about activities in knot-making, namely my journeys in macrame – but over the weekend past, there were different knots being tied.

we took a road trip down to the beautiful Kangaroo Valley to celebrate the wedding of 2 friends. they did really well to organise EVERYTHING on the completely blank canvas of a sweet little community hall. catering, flowers, decoration, music, booze. all of it. i was also recruited to sew up at least 30m of bunting. following in theme, they received this card.


after delving into the world of bow ties in research for work, i challenged myself to try and figure out the folding technique used to create one of the more interesting designs i came across in my internet-travels. after a fairly last minute decision (agreement) by T to don a bow-tie at the wedding, i made this one for him, which i was really chuffed with. yay.





there are some things which i am completely guilty of letting T say without correction when they don’t translate into english the way he thinks they do. for example – we could be at the bottom of a hill and he will say ‘let’s go back upstairs’, even when there are no stairs to be seen… anywhere. obviously there is some sort of glitch in translation that i haven’t worked out yet. T – any clarification on that?

anyway… this is the card i made for my bro’s birthday. a bit of an architectural (mathematical) feat (nightmare).


le schnitz géant.

the giant schnitty.

a lot of the cuts and pop-ups i make for friends are based around personal jokes. i don’t always post such things because usually they don’t make any sense to anyone else. but anyway – this one is easy.

always the champion of “novelty” foods, a friend Taka asked us to join in celebrating his birthday at a pub in the inner-west that serves ginormous schnitz. i am not even exaggerating. i will save you the near nerve-racking sight of the real thing, but i will show you the card it inspired. a mixed-media special – lux suede with foil-stamped leather for the melted cheese and chips (thanks to my work desk) and hand sewn parsley. ha.