le jour de l’amour.

the day of love.

it should be any day, every day really… but still, it’s a good excuse to do something super cheesy if not purely for fun.

in our house you can’t go wrong with some good quality chocolate, whatever the occasion… but without being able to get to any decent local chocolatiers in good time, i had to take matters into my own hands.

using illustrator, i created some basic geo patterns and repeated them in a bunch of fun colours. i used those to make wrappers which i stamped with appropriate v.day word-age. with some of my staple brown karton paper, i made a sew-up satchel (this time, with a perforated tear-tab for easy opening). next, i broke up a couple of blocks of his favourite chocolate into smaller bars, which i re-packaged in foil and then added the personalised wrappers. i threw them all into the half sewn-up satchel along with a bunch of heart-shape confetti which i cut from a piece of red paper folded like, 10 times. i sewed up the other end and that was that.

jour de l'amour


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2 responses to “le jour de l’amour.”

  1. vrnetHervé says :

    C’est mignooooon !
    Love from Marymbe !

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