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omelette. et des oeufs.

omelette. and eggs.
short for:
on ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des oeufs.
you can’t make omelette without breaking eggs.

equally, i can’t do anything without making a mess.
it’s been busy times on the “making” front… but i’m loving it.

my mess/desk.


et les poches mystère.
the mystery pouches.
too early to show you the contents, but you’ll see soon enough.





a few years (!?) ago, actually during the very early days of this blog, i posted this – liebe grüße.

this image of a cat hanging out on the back of dog in Istanbul has stuck with us… in case you haven’t seen it before, this was it.


so again, i was inspired to recreate.. this time – in fimo.


le jour de l’amour.

the day of love.

it should be any day, every day really… but still, it’s a good excuse to do something super cheesy if not purely for fun.

in our house you can’t go wrong with some good quality chocolate, whatever the occasion… but without being able to get to any decent local chocolatiers in good time, i had to take matters into my own hands.

using illustrator, i created some basic geo patterns and repeated them in a bunch of fun colours. i used those to make wrappers which i stamped with appropriate word-age. with some of my staple brown karton paper, i made a sew-up satchel (this time, with a perforated tear-tab for easy opening). next, i broke up a couple of blocks of his favourite chocolate into smaller bars, which i re-packaged in foil and then added the personalised wrappers. i threw them all into the half sewn-up satchel along with a bunch of heart-shape confetti which i cut from a piece of red paper folded like, 10 times. i sewed up the other end and that was that.

jour de l'amour

un souvenir des fleurs.

a memory of flowers.

it’s been almost 4 years since i landed in the EU on my last big, big journey, which took me through Scandi to Berlin.

I met Karin when she kindly offered to host me (via couchsurfing) despite the timing of my visit being Midsommers in Sweden – where most would prefer going to spend time with their families or friends rather than random travelling strangers. dancing around in circles and taking shots of schnapps to kid’s midsommer songs with her and her friends is probably one of my favourite cs experiences. inspired by the colours and flowers on her dress, I made fimo beads and this rose cut and sent it in a sewn-up package. tack K.



literal translation. glow-pear.
but really… light bulb.

one of the first random words that actually stuck in my head from when i first started learning german. i found it funny. and that was even before i learnt about the glow-pear thing.

this is the little card i made to send to V with the vague necklace. she had written to me a few weeks before telling me she had thought of me after a failed odyssey to find a lightbulb. and when i think more about it, it was probably her and her art which inspired me to spend more time cutting when i was living in Berlin. so i sent her this cut of an incandescent filament bulb, which i’m sure is becoming increasingly rare in the EU with its phasing out.



not vague at all.
but it means wave.

on looking for a title for this entry, i hassled T for some nice french words to fit. the translations offered to some random words i threw at him ended up being almost the same as english. and that’s no fun, is it?

i got online and put in ‘wave’ into a translator. turns out the translation is vague. ha! so then it all started to click. if you know the band nouvelle vague – it means new wave! nothing to do with new vagueness or vague news…. as i had previously thought. ha! ridiculous.

quand même.

so fimo-geddon failed to strike with the intensity that i expected. i found myself a bit lost for where to start with so much of the stuff at my disposal. but i did want to make a pendant for a dear friend V in Berlin. inspired by V and her art, i knew it had to be something other than round or geometric beads… after trying so many different shapes, i layered 2 colours i mixed, cut a strip and and draped it around a mini roll of baking paper, creating a tubular wave so the chain could slide through. simple, but i like it.