fimo. heart.


unlike many people, fimo is completely new to my life. my mama would home-make our play-dough, so i didn’t actually know what fimo was until i spotted the tray of coloured clay wonder at the local newsagent.

so it all started with a single small block of plain white fimo. from this block, i can happily introduce you to some new friends.

i had been lusting after a piece by melbourne-based emily green at follow store. with all the colours, i just couldn’t decide which one i wanted and kept going back and forth about it in my head…. but when one day when i came across them again at another store, it dawned on me that her beads were actually made of fimo! seeing an opportunity to MMO (make my own!), i bee-lined to the nearest art shop and picked up a couple of basic colour blocks hoping i might be able to mix some other shades and tones.

kneading fimo is hard work. especially in cold weather. my hands felt bruised from rolling it so vigourously to create 7 chunky beads (not without finger prints and lint bits)… 3 of the colours i mixed myself – the pinky dust (not dusty pink), the dirty yellow and the pale sea green. i dug up a length of fine antique goldy finish chain which i had been holding onto for a few years and threaded them on. LOVE.

SUPER exciting news is that mega awesome friend sez won a comp which got her 100bucks worth of fimo – which she so, so kindly gave to me! omg. fimogeddon.


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