la théière. l’épingle à cheveux. et le pot de vinaigre.

the teapot. the hairpin. and the jar of vinegar.

so now that we have an awesome tripod lamp, we felt it deserved a better bedside table home than the less-than-pretty ‘roadside boutique’ find that we had been using until now. we searched for inspiration online and visited our regular second-hand places but nothing really interested us.

so, along came the i-word (we needed to stock up on some more choc-covered oat biscuits anyway). there we picked up some very basic box-like structures to work with and make our own…

we thought of painting and/or staining, but researching wood stain options online, i became really fearful of ending up with a really yellow or really orange country-home-style result. not to mention the thick smell of chemical in our balcony-less apartment. so i looked up natural-ish home-made stains. taking tips from a load of different sites, i found a cheap, fairly easy and reasonably quick solution.

1. a strong tea. i brewed a super-strong pot of tea, let it cool and applied it to the untreated pine wood. this added tannins to the wood surface (pine seems to have less tannins than other species)
2. an iron solution. i filled a jar full of vinegar, added a chunk of steel wool and other random rusted or rustable metal bits: i used a washer, a bobby pin, semi-rusted nail and a rusted paintbrush. left it overnight.
3. applied the iron solution. let it dry. the tannins reacted to the iron solution and darkened, leaving the wood with a nice grey finish. yay!


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