et la lumière fut.

and then there was light.

another lamp project! whoooop!

it’s been a while now since we decided we needed a reading lamp in our room. we’ve had a few parts sitting around the living room for a while – like the red and white cloth cord and vintage edison style incandescent bulb from the empirical style ebay store.

what we needed was a some structure that we actually liked the look of. difficult to look for when you don’t know what that might be. but, inspired one day by the amazing well of ideas that is scraphacker, i got seaching on ebay and came across a beauty of a tripod… true antique, metal and what i would call a steal. immediate purchase!

a visit to bunnings for the plug and another online order of a vintage style lamp holder from fat shack vintage in melbourne and we had all the bits!

enfin… voila!! lumière!

so yes, i do realise that indulging in an incandescent bulb is pretty naughty, as they have low energy efficiency, but it’s just so…. pretty…


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