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nouveau. neu. new.

new look. yaaaaaay!


les mamans et bébés.

the mamas and babies.

over the past year, there have been many a grown-up activity/celebration… engagements, weddings and the arrival of little people.. babies. 2 baby shower cards, a mama girafe and a mama pingouin and their bébés.

la moche belle chaise.

literal translation: the ugly pretty chair.

what i wanted to say was the ugly step chair. like the ugly step sister in cinderella. but then i found out that step-sister actually translates to belle soeur which could also be interpreted as pretty sister. interesting translation fail.


it may have been finished months and months ago, but i am still happy about our DIY re-upholstering efforts on our one of our living room chairs. the other chair wasn’t so ug.

after seeing enough of the 70s eyesore fabric, removing a countless number of staples (with some help from T… the previous upholsterer was apparently staple happy) and unintentionally inhaling a decent amount of disintegrated foam, we finally got to the frame and could work on rebuilding. a visit to The Foam Booth and Bev’s Remnant House, a few hours on the sewing machine, our own moment of staple indulgence and we were done. (over the course of 2 weeks, though)

livre d’or.

golden book.
golden book of guests.
really, just guest book.

so when lisa recruited me as her maid of honor last year, i was actually scared. scared of long dresses, kitchen teas and hen’s nights. thankfully, she understood this fear and let me skip most that responsibility. but when she couldn’t work out where she was going to find a decent guestbook, i was ALL OVER IT.

since reading The Journal of Dora Damage and listening to a friend tell of her pursuit to learn book binding, i decided that i wanted to learn too. cue youtube. ha.

i got most of the main bits from Amazing Paper in Enmore. i covered book board with cotton calico and textured green paper (inspired by the invitations) and used wax coated cotton for the lace up binding.

to maximise visitor signings, we left stacks of paper on clipboards with pens on every table at the reception. after the wedding and a couple of weeks in india, i collated all the signings and printed photos from disposable cameras left with fun props at the gifting table. took a while to get to the point of ‘voila’, but they loved it. phew.

oups… ça fait longtemps!

yes. it has been a long time again. what a slacker.

(side note: isn’t it funny that the most basic of sounds, grunts and expressions can still be spelt differently from language to language? i could choose to take this topic into foreign animal noises, but i won’t. this time)

recently T and i have been enlisted to contribute to a certain blog about things happening in Sydney. which reminded me that i haven’t done anything with this one in aaages. bringing it back.