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oui, allo?

french rotary phones are impressive on any normal day, but have you seen the hand-worked beauty by The Nin, herself? “Bonjour!”

anyway, this is the card made in honour of the work and birthday of The Nin, the far-away craft-extraordinaire friend.



actually not really a ‘pocket’ at all. this is more like a document folder/case thing. i just like the word ‘poche’.

always a fan of a bold, scandi, illustraive style print, i picked the Siirtolapuutarha print cotton fabric from Marimekko’s range, lined with cotton canvas and inserted foam sheeting to add a bit of padding and body. i actually made this a while ago, but still happy with how it turned out.

and if behind-the-scenes videos take your fancy (as is my thing at the moment), you should definitely watch Marimekko Fabric Printing, a little video on the print process at their factory in Finland.