Archive | May 2011


after a visit over easter to the Blue Mountains, i came home armed with an ‘antique’ school atlas and a new project to get excited about. the atlas, dug out from from the masses of books shelved at one of the ‘antique’ shops in Katoomba, had nice simple hand-drawn maps which were now historical. the publishing year was missing, but judging by the fact that my parents’ home city was still marked on the map of Vietnam as Saigon – i would say it’s probably from the 60s.

anyway, i honored one of Tomoko Fuse’s modular origami designs by mixing copies made from the atlas, with some brown paper to make this. now hanging (awkwardly) in front of our balcony doors. so far it has already suffered a fall and dislocated modules, but all is healthy now with our origlobi.



whilst i’ve now sorted myself out with a bicycle to ride the new world of bike lanes in sydney, nothing quite beats the fun times had while cruising the streets of berlin. a card for a dear friend jonna, with whom i shared many a cruise through the stra├čen of kreuzberg.

on another note, check the pom-poms i made for my basket! i remember being a kid and finding the pom-pom making process slow and annoying.. but now i love it! i want to pom-pom everything!