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c’est chouette.

that’s [an] owl.

in one of the many french courses i have taken in the past few years (fantastic results still pending), i learnt that “c’est chouette” was a dated way to say “that’s cool”.. or something like that. t, on the other hand, tells me it’s still in use but in a more naive/childish way. note, “chouette” is also the word for owl. so essentially, you’re saying “that’s owl”. like. totally.

anyway, this was for the birthday of a friend who likes owl things of all-sorts. she celebrated by hosting a “hipster” party, so naturally, my carded critter came with his own pair of wayfarers.



box. in french.

during my days cruising the many flohmarkts (fleamarkets) of berlin, i’d spotted wooden trays with loads of little compartments. i pined for them. i wouldn’t let myself have one as they were big and bulky and would be a nightmare to ship back to oz. i didn’t know what they were, or what they were for. i’ve since learnt that they’re old printer type setting trays. i’ve also learnt that they are much sought-after items with a nice ‘antique’ price tags to go with. thumbs down.

anyway, during a sunday visit to a favourite spot in marrickville – at the addison road centre, i picked up an old wooden box from a market stall belonging to a man who used to serve me vegetarian salads at his old stall at glebe markets so long ago. i guess this box used to be a drawer in a garage/tool shed, as it had the stink of oil and nails jammed in the corners. it is now home to a bunch of my favourite things. orphaned babuska babies. a japanese kokeshi doll. t’s lama. and some friends from the arctic.

je ne peux pas crochet. et je ne peux pas bake.

i’m sure i’ll be corrected on this poor attempt on french shortly.
it should say ‘i can’t crochet. and i can’t bake’.

i made this card for a friend who is both a crochet and baking enthusiast. whilst i can definitely appreciate a good crochet and a baked good, i am not skilled in either way. best i can do is cut a crocheted baked good.



this was partly inspired by the crochet work of this lady: knitalatte. i came across her sweet crochet covered stones during online crochet research for work. just the other day i ordered one of her prints. can’t wait to get it in the mail!

l’amour. et paris.

at least for me, love and paris are two words that just naturally go together.

when T and I recently had the honour of invitation to attend the wedding of two of my old school friends, i must say, we were completely stumped for ideas. then finally, it fell upon us. an idea to plan a day for them in Paris while on their honeymoon route through Europe in April – taking advantage of T’s expert knowledge of the town.. and language(s).

so aside from the appropriately inspired card, i challenged my mini-book making skills, laying out and (very simply) binding a French/English/Spanish phrase book to help them on their travels. on one of the few days i have managed to catch it open, i stopped in at Paper 2 and picked up some supplies. nice weight, quality card in natural brown and blue and most exciting, red/white candy stripe twine, to bind the book. i kept the cover plain, for discretion and added some little sleeve pockets on the inside of each cover, for tickets and so on. fun project.


i was born a unicorn.

i missed the ark but i could’ve sworn.
you’d waaaaait, for meeee-eeeee!

just lyrics from a song, for those who might think i’m talking crazy-talk.
but seriously, who doesn’t believe in the magic of unicorns?


mein kamera ist kaput!

out of deutschland, i don’t get much opportunity to use the little of the language i picked up. especially when my priority these days is bettering my french!

anyway, that phrase up there in the title of this post, was one of the only phrases that stuck from my crappy pre-berlin sydney community college classes. it means ‘my camera is broken’. come to think of it, i did actually end up exercising this highly useful phrase on a visit to mediamarkt. ha. funny. totally forgot about that.

anyway, broken cameras aside, this was a card i made for a friend of mine who is almost never without one from her own, very extensive collection.

love the orange with the flash of blue.