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Time spent in Paris.

Besides quality time with T, soaking up the rays of this Indian Summer, numerous cafés and eating a load of pastries amongst other delicious foods, I have managed to do a bit of making stuff/cutting while here. Sometimes I tried to combine, one time with my knife and cutting mat in le parc des butte chaumont – a really wonderful parc not far from where we’re staying. The cutting was little awkward, but fun.

new things.

I rediscovered this amazing little store in Les Halles, called La Droguerie basically stocking craft supplies but in the setting of an old drug store. I could spend hours, but to spend hours you need to spend dollars.. which i have only a few. eugh. Anyway, the most exciting part of this rediscovery is that i found they stock small amounts of liberty fabrics, even in lengths of bias binding. Exciting and affordable. JUHU! So i bought a length, a few cage beads and made myself a wrist-wrap-thing. I later added a bit of chain to tangle with it.

In other (yet very exciting) acquisitions – a new knife for my cutting! With ergonomic design and… wait for it… a swivel head!!!!!!! I might be the only person in the world this excited and impressed by such a feature, but anyway, I indulged!


back to paper and cuts.

A depiction of an idea that T has, about going to swim with sharks in Australia and giving them a ‘gili gili’…. that is.. a tickle. (last night, while walking home, he found a toy shark right in the middle of the pathway… a sign?)

Raphaëlle, a friend of T’s, asked me teach her some origami and cutting. I almost didn’t believe she was serious until we finally met up for a workshop in a park. Anyway, the following week she celebrated her birthday. We made a card and as a gift, gave her some card and her own cutting knife. For wrapping, I usually prefer brown paper, but being without, I opened up and re-constructed a brown paper shopping bag into this neat little package. I was quite pleased with myself with this one. Reuse – recycle!