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über berlin.

= over berlin/about berlin/ super berlin… open to interpretation.

but all in all…

i ❤ berlin.

after spending nearly 14 months there, i have made to move and left the amazing city of berlin. for number of reasons, which i won’t go into here but even though i’m ‘ready’ to go, i will miss that crazy place.

with the luxury of a tiny study, i didn’t do a very good job of cleaning my work desk, but finally it all had to go.

so, now i’m in paris for a little while.

natürlich, or shall i say, bien sur, the cutting will continue, but after my second day of walking around sunshine-y paris, i’ve already collected loads of inspiration and a bunch of other ideas are blooming. totally in a making-stuff mood…


zukunft am Meer.

future by the sea.

looking forward to returning to the sea with T.

a couple of pop-up cuts in theme.

sadly, the first one – with the sailboat, got lost in transit.. so i replaced it with another…. suggesting our awesome future tandem-surfing skills.. balancing on the head with one arm! this was of course, a mistake.. but a fun one.. so i left it.

das schloss.

some of the first friends i made upon arriving in Berlin, were from the first WG (sharehouse) that i joined, which we called das schloss, or ‘the castle’. one of these dear friends left Berlin the other day, so i made a farewell card to honour the shared time in das schloss – complete with mini-fahrrad (bike) parked out front… which happened to get stolen from that very spot in between the time of making the card and presenting it. a little salt in the wound. woops. but anyway… i’m learning to add more dimension to these pop-up cuts now. yay!

paisley oma.

paisley grandma.

in and out of ‘trend’, i have always like paisley designs. yes, a bit granny of me. in the past few months i have managed to pick up a second-hand paisley skirt and scarf… and last week i used a paisley-motif on a cut during on of those marathons i get into sometimes.