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ein jahr in Berlin.

today is my one year anniversary in Berlin. JUHU!

considering i only planned to stay here for 5 months, 1 year is quite a feat.

anyway. this evening, i will be rewarded for this achievement with a special present coming on a plane from paris. YAY!


gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern.

the deutch translation of ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

i have realised lately that i’m a big fan of proverbs. someone pointed it out to me a few months ago ‘you have a lot of sayings’. what a nerd and/or grandma. ha. anyway. i still like them.

anyway, back to the topic at hand. meike, a friend of mine, will be leaving berlin to the big apple next week. we met early after my arrival in berlin and we became great friends.. similar interests, tastes. etc. . i visited her the other day for dinner,  showed her some of my cuttings for the first time, then she pulled out her sketch book showing me some of her drawings which looked almost the same. this is why i wanted to say ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

the farewell card.

frankfurt is ein daschund hund.

frankfurt is a daschund doggle. aka. the sausage.

AND he’s deutsch!

he is a very special friend of a very special friend of mine who just celebrated her geburtstag, Belle.

anyway, Frankfurt was the star of the latest geburtstagskarte.



for nat – relocated, but still far away in van. ca.

another june Geburtstag grüße… this time another islamic geo design but finishing in a star.


quiet times on the cutting mat… but this is an ode to the sweet chubby, fluffy bumble-bees i’ve been meeting in the parks here. for all pollen in the air that has been ruining my life for the past 2 weeks, its nice to know at least someone is benefiting from it all!

For T. bizzzzzzzzzzzou.

kreise oder blumen.

june is a busy month of the friends birthday calendar. it kicks off with stephoie’s birthday on the 1st!

i made this a while ago, but of course, i had to wait for our kind friends at deutsche post and australia post to deliver to Sydney, before i put it up here…

this was just a simple pattern which resulted after playing a while with my compass, repeated overlapping kreise (circles) … but now, it sits on stephie’s shelf imitating the bunches of birthday blumen (flowers) surrounding it. sweet.

endlich…. sommer!

finally! summer!

yes, it’s been rather quiet on the blog front the past few weeks. i can say happily, that summer is finally here in Berlin! JUHU! warm (even hot!) summer days and balmy evenings spent outside…  enjoying some things that i have missed so much over that looooong winter …. the parks, canals, un-naked trees with leaves on and sitting under them, blue sky, cycling, picnics, swimming at the lakes and last but not least… the sunshiiiiiiiine!