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was siehst du?

that means, ‘what do you see?’

this began as a random cutting of shapes while my potatoes boiled in prep for mashing. i began to see things in it. input, anyone?


oh. mein. gott.

i’m not really a product-posting person, but o.m.g.


heart print on paper lolly bags.

croissants pour petit dejeuner.

parisian balconies.

bubbles of perfume at the grand palais.

bicycles. vélos.

sitting on grass patches in the jardin des tuileries.

consumption of chocolat by the seine.

ice-cream. glace.

blue sky. ciel bleu.

sunshine. soleil.

exhibitions. takeshi kitano, impossible probabilities and dinosaur arms. palais de tokyo and cardboard constructions. YSL, his wall of le smoking, folders of colours and videos of sketching.

sia @ l’olympia. amazing.

t. even more amazing.

and then coming home to parcels from oz. yay!

(note: random french words inserted to prove that i know random french words. ha.)



i didn’t know what the word for penguin was in german… so i stuck it into googletranslate and i got 2 responses.

1. pinguin. yeah.. ok.

2. übungsflugzeug. which from my basic understanding, directly translates to exercise-fly/flight-thing. was?! (what?!)

ANYWAY…. last little piece i made before i left for paris.


a few weeks ago i discovered a little origami fold that intrigued me. i used it on a big sheet of brown paper and made myself a simple folder to hold my papers in preparation for the german bureaucratic process of work permit applications. anyway… i wanted to get to more of this flat sort of geometric folding, but i didn’t quite know how or where to look. the other evening i found that it’s called origami tessellation. i couldn’t even begin to follow… i just decided to teach myself something simple.. and still…  it’s freakin’ difficult, but whoever can devote so much time and brain space to these things… wow. it made my brain want to explode. so here, was my play.


picture yourself in a boat on a river,
tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

lucy in the sky with diiiii-a-monds.

this song just happened to be playing now.

ein neu schal.

i treated myself to a pretty lace scarf on the weekend… to celebrate the 1st of May.. naturally… it’s completely appropriate attire for a day famous in berlin for riots.

i’d actually been thinking about cutting some sort of lace-like pattern for a few weeks now. so, inspired by new scarf, and a paste-up i saw in kreuzberg, i spent tuesday night in and made it happen.

and the making of

perhaps an hour’s worth of pain-staking knifing at 270gsm card…. ready for popping.

I really enjoy how these cuts develop. sometimes i consider leaving them unfinished even if they are not fully popped yet.

even part-popped. like little doors.

and they still make interesting shadows.

the clean-up. or rather… lack of.