I dig geometry.

there I said it.

nerd. hehe… I realised recently that my tastes in patterns and design usually lean towards lineal and geometric like. The other day I found myself wishing that I had my compass and protractor (sitting in storage at home in syd)… and then… as if I didn’t seem sick enough, I sat down at my desk and did about an hour of maths and geometry on Sunday night. Whaaaaat?!

I thought further on this weirdness and considered that this probably my dad’s influence. A rather limited toy box when I was a kid, consisting of mostly Lego (no dolls allowed). His own hobby of practising math equations at home… just coz (he knows about 15 decimal places of pi, after 3.14). And a rather early, if not ridiculously premature introduction to my first geometry set (I think I may have been 10).

So… there began my… condition. Ha.

so after 2 hours or so of geometry, i decided to be inspired in a different way. image search! woot!

art deco. i don’t know so much about antiques and old stuff like that, but i find that when i come across it, i often like it. there’s an artist from this period, Erté, who’s work i <3. his work in fashion, costume design and graphics is amazing. sun ray patterns and other architectural details are also interesting.

lara bohinc. jewellery and bag designer from slovenia, based in the uk. have ❤ ❤ ❤ her work for a few years now, but unfortunately the price tags are way out of range. i really like the metal work she does using geometric shapes to mimic gem cuts and other art deco-y patterns.

islamic geometric art. before i researched this, i was calling it turkish tile designs, as i discovered these pattern in istanbul, turkey on the tiles and doors of topkapi palace. i’ve since learnt that the use of geometry in islamic art actually holds significance.

The use of geometry is thought to reflect the language of the universe and help the believer to reflect on life and the greatness of creation.

there’s another idea, which i sort of like.

The repeating patterns also demonstrate that in the small you can find the infinite.

so yes. i’ve just spent how-long-i-don’t-know, writing about geometry. would you believe it?

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One response to “geometrics.”

  1. Trish says :

    I love this- you’re so exceptionally talented!

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